Thursday, April 30, 2009

26 Weeks!

Quick update, I’ve been slack! We’ve been busy with doctor’s appointments, readying the nursery and visits with family. Both babies are developing right on schedule. As of today, Baby A is 2 lbs with a heart rate of 152. Baby B is 1 lb 15 oz with a heart rate of 156. They have been busy and feeling them move is so exciting, I can’t keep my hands or eyes off my belly.

My dad’s treatments are ongoing and until he has his next CT scan there is little to report. My brother left for Afghanistan on Tuesday and will be back in just over a month for a brief break only to return to Afghanistan for another two months. Below are ultrasound photos of each baby girl at 26 weeks 1 day as well as a 26 week belly shot by my extremely talented friend.