Thursday, January 8, 2009

First OBGYN Appointment

Yesterday my husband and I went for our first appointment with my OB. I was poked, prodded and thoroughly examined. Then I asked her a million and one questions. Of course, the best part was yet another ultrasound! Both babies looked great, Baby A was measuring 9 weeks 6 days and Baby B was measuring 10 weeks 2 days. The ultrasound photos are not nearly as clear as the ones from the fertility clinic and I definitely don’t have electronic versions. I’ve got to get myself to a camera place quick to have them scanned so I can upload them here.

I’ve only gained a pound while pregnant so I really need to work on this. My OB said to expect to gain around 50 lbs! Usually this is not a problem for me because I have always been a shall we say, hearty eater. Last night my husband handed me grape after grape while we watched Law & Order (in bed) like the old married couple we are. I’m pretty sure those days will be over come this summer.

I’m really working on trying to incorporate more photos here; personally I find it boring to read a blog without them. So, below I’ve included a couple twin strollers that I’m eyeing. Considering I have a compact car where on earth will they fit?

Bumbleride Indie Twin

Domino Twin Baby Pram by Inglesina

Baby Jogger City Elite Double


Alejandro said...

Domino design is really cute!

Cassandra said...

FYI you might try to take a digital photo of the U/S scan and see how that turns out. It might help to turn on macro mode (or text mode, if your camera has it) to focus that closely.

Are you sure that the side-by-side strollers fit through normal doorways? I've seen that become a big problem! The front-to-back ones on the other hand seem like you could get them through the door but couldn't move them around any normal store at all. Also seems like those would be harder to fit into your trunk than the side-by-side. Good luck!

Deeedra said...

I stumbled upon your blog and saw your post. I am currently on my third double stroller and FINALLY am happy with what we have! I started with a tandem that was horrible to push. My back hurt constantly. I then had a combi side by side and, yes, it fits through the doorways and aisles with easy for a side by side. Some are more difficult, but it was good. However, it didn't accommodate infant car seats. I recommend the Kolcraft contours tandem stroller. Though it is a pain in the but to pack up and put in the car, it turns on a dime! It doesn't hurt AT ALL and it fits nearly every car seat out there. It is versatile like a bugaboo as far as the seats are concerned. Side by sides are a pain as they get older and fight more! :) I strongly suggest this stroller as the pros seriously out way the cons!

micky mayor said...

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