Wednesday, January 21, 2009

2 Week Recap

The past few weeks have been very busy and as a result I’m starting to feel a little worn down. The weekend before last I headed to Atlanta to visit my family, give the news to my high school girlfriends and attend the Eddie Ross Scott’s Antique Market tour.

Below is a photo of Eddie examining the umbrella stand I ended up buying, such fun! Sadly, I have yet to clean it up and find a place for it in my house. In fact, it’s still in my garage. Also pictured is the gorgeous corner cabinet my best friend found, it fits perfectly in her bathroom! I also managed bring home the bassinet my mom used when I was an infant. It’s a beautiful white and sturdy wicker. I still have my doubts about using an antique but am going to give it a shot.
Today is the 12 week mark which is pretty exciting. Last week I picked up a Bella Band and have been using it pretty much daily. This week in particular I noticed most pants are feeling more than a little snug. I also picked up a box full of summer maternity clothes from a friend who had her little girl last fall. I’m thinking I’ll be pretty darn big by this summer and may not even be able to fit into some of them but it’s so nice to have them available.

We aren’t scheduled to go back to the doctor until February 4. I’ve been struggling with the decision to switch from my OB to a Multiples Specialist and think I’m finally OK with making the switch. There is only one NICU in town and it is located at the hospital where I plan to deliver. Should the babies have any complicat
ions and need to visit the NICU, I’ll already be there and won’t have to worry about not being in the same hospital as them.

Lastly, I have recently attended two Moms of Multiples meetings. These ladies are a wealth of knowledge and I’m really looking forward to getting involved. I’m particularly excited about their big tag sale in the spring, I love a good deal!
(Thanks to Rhoda from Southern Hospitality for letting me borrow the below photo)

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